What is in a Name, YOU?

If there is any representative of any department of government, Canadian or American, who can provide proof that there is any information offered on this website which is incorrect, erroneous or illegal, then please feel free to inform the webmaster, and it will be promptly corrected or removed from this internet website.

The primary assertions made on this website are:

1. The income tax applies only to fictional entities called persons and/or citizen.
2. There is absolutely no government act, statute or law to which any free will human in Canada, or in the USA, is subject.
3. A free will human can enter into a contract of servitude with the de facto Government of Canada, or with a Province, or with the de facto Crown in right to either of the above, or with a State[USA], only voluntarily and only with full and open knowledge of their change of status to that of plantation slave. But, that is not how the Government has imposed the slave status upon you. Read my Name Game Blog.
4. The fraudulent tricking of people, through their ignorance, into the status of “plantation slave” by their using a name created and owned by the Crown or State is an act of treason, by government, upon the sovereign people. That Crown or State owned name is the Birth certificate name.
5. Since we, as free will beings, are REQUIRED to use the Crown/State owned legal identity name in all commerce and in government communication, such use is not a voluntary act on our part, as we must use it by PRIVATE NECESSITY to sustain and maintain our life. That negates the Crown/State claim that we voluntarily use it, and thus negates our becoming property owned by the Crown/State through the legal maxim, accessio cedit principali.
6. The ‘legal fiction name’, AKA: ‘person/taxpayer’, has only the function of an ‘agent in commerce’ and ‘trustee in trust’ for the free will adult human to which it is associated.
And for Canada specifically:
7. The British Monarchy ceased to have any relevance to Canada in 1901, upon the death of Queen Victoria. All British Monarchs have been pretender Monarchs of Canada since that date. The office of ‘The Queen’, ‘Her Majesty’ or ‘the Crown’ is the ‘also known as’ name for the City of London, and its owner, the Vatican, as the Monarchy of England have been vassal Monarchs subject to the Pope’s Holy Roman Empire since 1213 AD.
8. The Parliament of Canada is a de facto usurper of governing power over Canada since 1931, and in reality, since 1901; and, in fact is a commercial corporation subject to the City of London. Although we see all court cases where the action is brought by Government to be “The Queen” or the Latin “Regina”. That only indicates that the Queen of Great Britain is acting in the role of agent for the City of London. That is why she does not have to comply with her Coronation oath to defend the individual rights of the people. That oath is not applicable to her role as agent for the Crown of the City of London.