The Citizen’s Council

The success rate across the province is amazing. It is directly related to our teamwork. It took a little time to deal with the issue of conscience in our community. Just like the presenters have told us that the more we engage in these activities the less effective our conscience. Fortunately, we have now raised a generation of youth with out a conscience. “They have no conscience! They have a mission!” It is wonderful to witness three (3) generations of the Council working hand in hand and without a conscience. Just think of the activities the next generation will engage in.

Note: Although this article seems serious it is intended as dark humor, an attempt to remove the vial of secrecy and innocence within the fleeting network of councilship under the many hidden faces of social bodies and their priorities, we need to look with both eyes.

Below are just a few of the focal areas where recruitment has proven successful and the trust of the target is great.

Animal attendants – (walkers, sitters, etc. even a few vets)

Maids – full access to the target’s home, family (need we say more)

Teachers – It is easy to recruit the justifiably angry teachers from the 60’s and 70’s These teachers recruit the younger teachers and decree a false sense of entitlement to ensure their participation in the council. Those who do not participate generally will remain quiet when they realize our numbers and tactics. ( teachers generally recruit teachers)

Property Managers are gems – Imagine one without character and no conscience. (see housing below)

Warehouse and Retail Food Markets – Initially, these venues seemed challenging. Now we know and understand the power in our numbers-the power in recruitment. Once we have determined our target, their location, their shopping habits, favorite foods, etc.-there is no stopping us.

Imagine this scenario:
Target X buys steak every week from Stop & Shop, soda & juice from BJ’s, milk from the corner grocer, and the whole family enjoys eating at Dunkin Donuts on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am, the mother picks up a 24 package of juice every week and then meets her friends at Starbucks on Wednesday nights. Remember, “It’s all in the hands!”

Well due to your recruitment efforts, we have several council members who work at each location. Need I say more?

If we cannot handle the items in the store, we have “connections” at the warehouse level. That is the power of recruitment. The supervisor who creates the necessary work schedule may or may not be part of the council. It does not matter once we have targeted someone. Most individuals figure that it is some sort of bug – or just another case of food poisoning due the negligence of some one somewhere else.

Housing Our latest initiative is unique and profitable for all involved on many different levels. Those who receive the benefits must be bold, daring and committed to the council initiative.

Apartments building, condominium developments, and housing enclaves are working successfully. Simply, we move into a general area and target our target’s housing need or desire. We determine where the target will live though they may assume their choice is independent. As usual, we never let the individual know about our relationships. We are all just neighbors so at one point the target will look to one of us for support. In this situation, we can better manage council efforts.

We can gain access to their unit, their mail, (many mail carriers in the council) their car, the works and one council member certainly will gain their trust.

To avoid suspicion all the council members residing within target’s housing arena participate in unconscionable activities.

This way it will appear that, the person is paranoid if they dare suggest that so many individuals are involved. It also allows us to apply pressure to the target-hopefully to initiate a nervous breakdown.

The pressure applied at home and work will crush the spirit and bring the target into submission.

This only happens through teamwork. Eventually, we would like to have as many of these Housing target sites available across the state in every neighborhood.

Side benefit in Council Target Housing: Freebies from targets house (limited amount to avoid suspicion-just enough making them feel like they are forgetful which contributes to their break down).

1. Destroying that Ole’ Conscience Once and for All
We must not allow conscience to hinder our work. Lecture and small discussion groups will discuss how to address issue of conscience until it is no longer an issue

2. Establishing False Friendships
This is crucial because we must know who is joining our organization. Whatever a person needs, we will become, say or do, for the benefit of the Council. That is crucial why we must deal with our consciences if we are to advance our efforts.

3. Non-Discriminatory (scenarios will be presented on how to work it)
On the surface, we do not discriminate. We have a position for everyone-but not everyone can access certain positions in the council. However, we recruit everyone of every nationality, race, creed, sex and color under the guise of union. Alternatively, whatever the person we are recruiting “needs” to hear that is what we present to them. (We become all things to all people!)

4. False Face
Mini workshops will role-play how to maintain a false face under pressure. We must at all times present the face of innocence to our co-workers, family and public. It is essential that you address the issue of your conscience in order to be successful with the false face under pressure.

5. Subversives
If you are sensing a subversive on your job, in your neighborhood or school talk to your area leader. Make sure that you have examples of the subversive behavior so you can begin to the target the individual but remain “innocent” in your demeanor.

  • I have no conscience! I have a mission!
  • I have no conscience! I become all things to all people to promote Council Agenda!
  • I have no conscience! I will do anything in the name of the Citizens Council!
  • I will destroy many to target one! I have no conscience! I have no conscience!
  • I can and will do the unconscionable! I can! I have and will continue to do the unconscionable! I have no conscience!