Risk Management and Damage Control

I have been making corrections to any administrative omissions or errors, while dealing with the corporation of Brantford, they have routinely failed in honoring my request for proof of delegation of authority, below is a letter I received from Brantfords adjusters, and my reply, also below is a link to the referenced notice/affidavit and communications with the city.

I have asked the city to proof that they have been delegated authority from my nation to represent me or any non-client or non-member, this includes any non-voting, non-registered people.

They have faulted on responding to my affidavit, and now the city is frantically trying to minimize the damage done from its neglect, the city wants six nations to grant them the right to not hear my voice or process, I have my opinions on who claims to speak for me, but I will always demand proof I granted my power to anyone.

The link below is proof that the city players are attempting to re-position the city to deflect any damage they have caused me and their shareholders.


If I am right the city was wrong in seeking any sort of injunctions on our people it was constitutional vandalism, tyrannical in nature, and treason.

The city and local jurisdiction would be proven to have been invalid and all judgments reversed with some sort of compensation for wrong doing, eg misapplication of Canada’s constitution, at the least all unjust enrichment from application of any judgement would be reversed, This is so huge this should make any persons head spin.

This doesn’t even get into the crown/bank/city mortgage fraud on Indian lands.