Request for Proof of Delegation of Authority

Originally Posted on August 14, 2011box-societies-ways-of-life

Chris Friel “principal” for the Corporation of the City of Brantford,
Jeffery Kellner “principal” for the Corporate Brantford Police Services,
William Montour “principal” for the Corporate Six Nations Elected Band Council,
Glen Lickers “principal” for the Corporate Six Nations Police Service,
collectively referred to as “you”, “your”

She:kon // Greetings,

I, the Honorable; Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: of the Doolitlles’, as Embassador-at-Large for the Kanienkehaka Nation,

Do Hereby, make REQUEST for Inspection of PROOF of DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY from the Kanienkehaka Nation.

If obligation/command/order is made of our people by your people, companies and/or organizations, the burden of proof is on he who makes that assertion/claim.

Do you hold Real-Proof of delegation of authority from the Kanienkehaka Nation?

[[Hypothetically: You can delegate authority to a plumber to fix your pipes because you own the pipes and thus have the ultimate right to do with them as you please. A plumber who works on your pipes without your approval is called a Good Samaritan…or a vandal. A plumber who works on your pipes after you have authorized him to do so is called an agent]]

If you continue to make the determination that you have the authority to make determination on behalf of the Kanienkehaka members without proof of delegation of authority, It can only be seen as VANDALISM and Trespass against the Kanienkehaka Constitution its members and/or way of life and quality of the life of its members.

I pray that, you take the time to address and consider this matter as a serious flaw in your authority as applied to the Kanienkehaka Nation, or to correct this matter with real-evidence for proof of delegation of authority from the Kanienkehaka Nation to make determination on behalf of its members, so that the Kaninkehaka Members may properly inspect then ascertain their obligation if any.

Since time is of the essence we require a prompt response to our concerns and full disclosure of any obligatory contracts.

Within two weeks from receipt of this demand should be sufficient time for you to retrieve any instrument of indebtedness through delegation of authority from the Kanienkehaka Nation, if you require more time; you must request an extension within reason.

Silence can only equate with guilt where there is a legal and moral duty to respond.

With peace, strength and righteousness

Kanienkehaka Embassador-at-Large
Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: of the Doolittles’