Project (KNARP)


The Kanienke’haka National Asset Recov­ery Pro­gramme (“Pen­tor­toise Recov­ery Project”) was established in 2009 by the Pen­tor­toise Projects under the direction of the Kanienke’haka Embassador-at-Large (Benjamin Douglas Allan Doolittle Estate) with the goal to trace,  lib­er­ate and recover $663,000,000,000.00 of British/Canadian crown assets for insur­rec­tions (Genocide, Terrorism, Conversion) by the pre­tend munic­i­pal, provincial and federal corporate-gov­ern­ments (Canadian collective government), which have fraudulently assumed a fiduciary role over the first nations, squan­der­ing hundreds of billions to thousands of trillions of dollars of mining, forestry, water, agriculture, land, various opportunities and resource management.

This project not only focuses on repatriating the lands, and usurped assets of the Canadian collective government, It will work to liberate the Men, Women and Children that have been stolen and/or converted through terror to live under the Canadian Constitution.

Project KNARP will provide a channel to reaffirm the true National Identities of those who believe that Canada’s collective government have captured them for Canadian Interests.

Recovery Project: 
National Asset Recovery and Social Credit Superstructure reform

Evaluation of Administrative Regulations and Liabilities 
Team leaders of the Pentortoise Project find the need for an independent investigative institute, the equal balance of our communities while developing cohesively is very important for future progress in sustainable cooperation while dealing with our combined cultures and governing bodies is crucial in developing, complementing agencies to fortify or structural foundation.

Tourism and Education council
Among others the goal of Pentortoise Projects are to source, construct and launch our tourism and education initiatives using Onkwehonwe materials, traditional and modern community building techniques.