NOTICE: Declaration of Unincorporation, and, Revocation of consent to be governed

Originally Posted on October 16, 2010

NOTICE: Declaration of Unincorporation by Deregistration, Non-registration, and, Revocation of consent to be governed

Respondent[s]: THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF BRANTFORD, et al., All Principals and Agents, and, general public et al., Hereinafter collectively referred to as “RESPONDENT”, “you”, “your”, in all your capacities, Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to principal

GREETINGS, to all whom it may concern, do by these Presents send greeting:

Take notice that the undersigned, Hereinafter Individually referred to as “We”, “our”, are considered to be [un]incorporated by deregistration, non-registration and revocation of consent to be governed. We hereby serve notice that your services or lack thereof are no longer desired or required

Take heed, It is our understanding that registered voters are volunteering their consent and assent to be represented, and that the silent majority have become represented through assumption of tacit compliance, this notice serves as, Reservation of Rights of the un-incorporated silent majority, including Multiple John Doe, unincorporated. This revocation serves as record of non-compliance and rejection of tact assent to be represented by the RESPONDENT[s]

W]e Demand, that you deregister any and all name[s] provided below, and, that you cease and desist from any further use of the names provided below for gain and/or control, and, that you release any assumptive, and colorable title[s] over the name[s] and properties of the named, and, that you provide a rebuttal with proof of claims that you have the authority to refuse our claims, positions and demands, and, that you provide your response under full commercial liability, under penalty of perjury within 72 hours from receipt of this notice, an additional 24 hours grace will be granted, should your response not be met within the [ID]entified 72 hour period, failure to respond to this notice within the 96 hours will be deemed to be your tacit assent, and, that you have been given due process to refute and rebut the set forth claims and demands, and, that your failure to provide proof of your claims to administrate, regulate, contravent our private contract[s] will be deemed, interlopers and seen as a transgression and misrepresentation of our whole and complete inalienable rights

Take heart, this declaration functions in spirit as a living document.

Take hold, We do not consent to, and waive, any and all benefit[s] of the RESPONDENT[s] et al., in absents of full disclosure and our expressed consent to the contrary.

We the undersigned,