Mandate of Will

What is a Mandate? A judicial or legal command from superior, political authority supposed to be given by electors to Members of Parliament. Independent Candidate Nomination Form would be a Mandate. Mandatory: Of; conveying; a command; compulsory.

What is a Will? A WILL can be used in different ways, (1). Work one’s WILL: To do exactly what one wants. (2). Conjoin: To join together, to combine, to unite. (3). Conjoint, Joint, Will: a testamentary act by two persons jointly in the same Instrument.

So to answer that; requires a short lesson as well as a definition of the term. Firstly a mandate by definition is literally an instruction; so it follows that by definition, a people’s mandate is an Instruction by the people and Command of the people.Do mandates work? The short answer is, yes they do.

Will a mandate work elsewhere? Again the short answer is yes. For this you only have to look at what happened in Werribee and Mildura with the toxic waste dumps.

So why is a mandate working whereas rallies and petitions do not? For a start there is a huge difference between a petition or rally etc. and a mandate. For you to understand why requires the short lesson.

Under the requirements of the Canadian Constitution you are required to not only elect your representative but also to inform that representative of your Will in any and all matters. Your representative is likewise required to obey your Will in any and all matters. Some of you may be asking the question now why don’t the politicians therefore obey the people when they rally and present a petition? The reason that they don’t, is because they do not have to. This may sound like a contradiction but they don’t have to because, and this is the important bit, it is not your Will.

Your Will” is yours alone. When you sign a petition or attend a rally all you are doing is saying that you have no free will in that you are agreeing with someone else and therefore you and he or she can be ignored. To be your Will it must be freely given. So how do you do that? It is so incredibly simple it is not funny; all that is necessary is that you indicate your Will individually in writing with only your signature alone on it. Dead simple is it not it?

Now this is where the “Mandate” comes in. A mandate is literally a collection of free will instructions. That is a group of people have all individually signed, for want of a better word, a single page petition, and forwarded each and every individually signed page as a collection of pages to the person or persons so being instructed.In some cases it may only be a few hundred pages in others it could be hundreds of thousands, but in all cases they cannot be ignored.

The art of a mandate however is for it to be written as precise and as short as possible in such a manner that it cannot be misinterpreted and that every person submitting their Will on the matter say exactly the same thing. Again the difference between a mandate and a petition is that each instruction is individually signed not group signatures.

Now the big question, how can this knowledge help you with your problems? Well let us look at the big picture for a big question. To start with we all have many concerns, and some if not all may be in common with others, but all are different. We could submit a multitude of mandates, but surely there is a simpler way. Again with a little lesson, there is.

Irrespective of whether you are a Monarchist, Republican, or simply don’t care you should read and understand your Constitution as it has already told you, how to solve your problems especially those politically orientated. Arguably we in Canada have the best Constitution for the people ever written. Why would we say that? Because it is true, our Constitution places the control of and the running of our country in our hands. The first thing you must understand is that despite what you may have been told or led to believe the Queen and or her representative, the Governor General, have legally and morally absolutely no control over sovereign Canadians.

Her power is limited to one thing and one thing only; the power, provided it is physically possible to do so, to give the Canadian people anything they want. Now comes the interesting part. How does she do this? Currently she does so through the Governor General on the advice of the Queen’s Ministers of State for the Commonwealth because; they are the people who are supposed to convey the will of the people. Of course as we have not been conveying our will, either because we did not know how, or even that we had to, those same Queen’s Ministers of State for the Commonwealth have been able to basically pass any laws they felt like, irrespective of the effects on the people.

Now it is simply a case of who can rectify this and thereby fix the problems concerning the Canadian people. Well we just told you, the Queen or in her absence the Governor General.

Of course now you are going to say; but the Queen appoints the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister; but the position of Prime Minister is not mentioned in the Constitution, so the Governor General is only a puppet of the Government, and you are dead right. Again we have a contradiction, but if you read and understood what has been written previously you should now understand why the Queen appoints on the advice of the Prime Minister.

What if the Queen was to receive the individual will of a few hundred thousand sovereign Canadians that they wanted a specific Governor General with specific instructions, known legally as letters of patent, to be appointed to represent their wishes. Now under her coronation oath and the provisions of the Canadian Constitution she must appoint the person so named and that person must carry out the instructions so given.

Why is the Governor General so important? Again we turn back to the Constitution and we find that under Constitutional law the Governor General is the Representative of the Queen in that unless he or she signs any Acts passed by the Parliament, those Acts do not come into force. But; while the Governor General is representing the politicians, any and all Acts will be passed as is the current situation, but once the Governor General again becomes the Representative of the Queen, he or she will be required to ensure that any Act that removes either the people rights or the peoples assets; will in fact be denied.

All of this is clearly explained in a booklet titled “Your Will Be Done” written by Arthur Chresby, research analyst in Constitutional Law and former Federal Member for Griffin. The contents of this booklet have never been challenged in the high court so are taken to be Constitutionally lawfully correct. The main reason that it has not been challenged is probably due to the fact that if it were it would become public knowledge and the power of politicians, as they know it would cease to exist. In other words let sleeping dogs lay.

So now what are YOU going to do about YOUR concerns? Sit back and continue to moan and groan or stand up and do something about it.

Finally, remember that if the person you nominate to do the job fails to do so that person can be replaced just as easily as he or she was put in there in the first place. In fact it is far easier to replace the Governor General than it is to replace your elected member.

The only question that now remains, is whom do we want as the Governor General? The only problem that remains is that for our individual wills to be effective we must all nominate the same person.

What is a Peoples Mandate?
If you desire a change from the government, then the proper process is to express Your Will.

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When enough people express their will, 51% of the affected people in any given location (eg, your local shire, state or across the country), then it becomes a Peoples Mandate. A democratic government cannot ignore a Peoples Mandate, plain and simple, as the people are the authority, and when the people express their will in the correct manner, our elected representatives must obey, as they are public servants after all.