Constitutional Paradox

“There can only be ONE!” ~ Highlander

paradox is a seemingly true statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which seems to defy logic or intuition.

constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed…written constitutions, also act as limiters of state power by establishing lines which a state’s rulers cannot cross such as fundamental rights.

Note: Canada does not have the Authority to Limit our [Six Nations] Constitution, Canada can only define its own understanding and the way it VIEWS its own existence, nothing more nothing less… if they cross the line they have committed crime! This means that Six Nations has NO DUTY TO PERFORM when ORDERED BY CANADA/CROWN, however we can fulfill the order for a PRICE! SIMPLY because we are not a MEMBERS TO THEIR SOCIETY

Society is a voluntary association of individuals for common ends;especially : an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession

Their is a separation of Societies in plain view in the form of the Elections canada system, First requirement as a Candidate to run for any Council position, you MUST BE A CANADIAN CITIZEN, and you are barred if you are not canadian, so this tells me Six Nation Does not Even have REPRESENTATION in the Canadian Society, and taxed/regulated/fined/jailed/captured/kidnapped unlawfully because of it!

On with the POST!

Ive put a lot of thought into what im about to write about, I tried to poke and prod with unusual questions and leading responces while in discussion. Ive learned a fair bit of what it means to be humble and how to humble others.

When talking to some one you might not see eye to eye with what you may think is trivial and common sense, however you both have the ability to prove your points and debate until you give in or pursuade your opponant that you are in fact correct and they are left humbled or embarassed they may feel other emotions, but that is up to them how to deal with your presentment.

These types of debates are known as The Socratic Method of Debate, you lead the questions to one ultimate undeniable conclusion, This is my personal project to understand the strategy in practice, the point about using this method is to make things self evident without force or trickery.

My first test in the line of questioning was simple to understand for most who where asked, see below.

Do you own the right  to tax your neighbor?
Can you delegate a right you do not own?

expected conclusion: No!, you do not have the right to tax your neighbor, so you can not delegate a right you do not have. So whats going on here? “MAJIK”

This conclusion should make any sane man or woman say WAIT WHAT! you mean I am taxed unlawfully but how is that possible?

Answer: You are Sleeping on your Rights.

Now for the Biggie.

Can one Foreign Nation make a constitution for another Nation?
Can application of a Foreign constitution be constitutional?

Conclusion: No!, one nation can not lawfully design a constitution for another nation the constitution must be designed by the people of that nation, application of a foreign constitution is non constitutional because we are not signatories to that agreement.

Now this leads the the issue of the paradox and application of canadas constitution onto the Six Nations. HOW DOES IT APPLY, BY CONSENT!?? By silence?, Silence is golden, for those who are as-king the questions!


Now understanding that one nations can not apply their or a foreign constitution onto another nation, We must ask WHAT CONSTITUTION DOES THE CROWN/BAND COUNCIL/SIX NATIONS POLICE FORCE stand under?

a). if you think it is CANADAS’ then it is NON-Constitutional and FRAUD and INTERNATIONAL CRIME [and act of aggression and anti-peace], because we are not a party to that Constitution “societal law”

b). if you think it is SIX NATIONS then it is unconstitutional because their is no Mandate.

This is what is thought of as a TWO TIER SYSTEM, because we have separate rules of law, but it is hard to accept for some that only see equality as a way to peace, but I think it is the way we are captured by their system, If the canadian citizen was constitutionally wronged he WOULD seek REMEDY! WHATS THE DIFF?

The real TWO TIER SYSTEM is the mentality of the canadian citizen expecting that we submit to this Unconstitutional and unlawful practice of application of a foreign constitution onto our nations and give up our constitutional, fundamental and inherent rights and not seek remedy when constitutionally wronged, because we are not equal in CONSTITUTIONAL/SOCIETAL LAW! Some see it as TWO TIER but really meaning [ITS NOT FAIR!] not understanding that we exist Sovereignly and Internationally.

“So it is written, so shall it be” WE EXIST!

Note: The gains [eg. wages, contracts, benefits, awards, etc:.] from applying this fraud on our people is called unjust enrichment and they are acting in TREASON, all band council persons and corporate agents/police will be liable to return all gains from the moment they claimed to be Canadian or willingly enforcing canadas’ constitution on our nation