Capitis Diminutio

Adopted from roman law there are 3 levels of Capitis  Diminutio (Minima, Media, Maxima (minimum,medium, maximum respectively)

1. Capitis Minima = minimal loss of rights (John Doe)
2. Capitis Media = partial loss of rights (John DOE)
3. Capitis Maxima = full loss of rights (JOHN DOE)

It all starts at your birth when your parents fill out your REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH. The parents choose a name for the child. The State or Province take that name and capitalize it. If the state or province is in debt, the name is entirely capitalized, if the state or province is not then just the last name is capitalized.

The freeborn child is sold into slavery UNKNOWINGLY by its parents in exchange for benefits like child tax credit, welfare, free health care, school, etc

Of course because of the Federal reserve since all money is loaned at interest all states and the country as a whole is always in debt and your name will always be capitalized.

The freeborn child has the right to contract out of this when they turn the AGE of MAJORITY usually 18 but 14 in some countries.

The government gets you to voluntarily fill out a social security/social insurance form to get an EMPLOYEE number (working papers) for the IRS/CRA.

You need this number to access benefits like unemployment insurance or student loans.

You become an employee of the IMF/federal gov’t which is a slave to its lender. (National debt).

All birth certificates are written on EXCHEQUECHER bank-note paper owned by the CROWN. Even Americans. The corporation of the United States is registered at the Inner City of London England a Roman Enclave of the Vatican.

Canada & Australia are registered on the United States Security & Exchange (SEC).

You were born free, you are now a slave by choice. You gave up your birthright for a mess of pottage. You filled out all the forms & applications of your free will.

So by signing any document that shows your name in full caps you are agreeing to represent the artificial person (JOHN DOE).

The only paper you own that represents you with your god given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus all of you constitutional rights is your birth certificate. But only because when your 1 day old you can’t sign away your rights.

Check any drivers license, social security card, credit card bill, tax return, anything you can think of that has anything to do with government your name will be in FULL CAPS. You also had to sign these papers at some point to show you are willing to represent the artificial person

Now knowing this information that i have verified you can also do so yourself it’s in pretty much any law-book what do you think could be done to get us out of this mess?