Prayer Warrior – Warning for action against our works

[W]oe to whom who believes to be able to oppose My Will…. wanting to jeopardize My Word in their arrogance, which My Love is sending to earth. Untouchable is what My power has brought to expression, thus anyone will harm himself who attacks it.

I have only one target, to save you humans, therefore I stand by your side while you’re laden with your biggest troubles and guide you onto My Word and with it the power to escape this misery. I use all means to contribute to it, I take pity on your misery, because you never can free yourself alone.

Obviously I guide My power to earth and every individual who takes advantage of it, who lets it have an effect on self, will obviously feel it and would not want to loose it again. My Word is the sign of My love to you earth-children and you should appreciate My gift of love…. and you should respect it…. and if you are not willing to accept it you should leave it without objection and not deny it from them who want to draw strength from it. But woe to whom who attacks it…. who believe to be able to destroy what became into existence through My will and My power…. he who attempts his will against Mine and believes to overcome Me…. they believe to seize man what I assigned as aid to them. For they know Me not nor My power and My righteousness. Their will is to destroy what My will brought into existence.

By aggression against Me and My work, challenging My power, they force Me to My expression. I won’t let it happen that human of immature spirit seize what requires spiritual maturity in order to be seriously examined. Nor do I let it happen that one hair be bent of the ones that work for Me who only performed according to My instructions and which love and obedience destined to Me to accept and accomplish these instructions. I guarantied them and their work My protection, and My word is truth….therefore no human will can ever possibly destroy that, which My will created, for My power is unlimited, and My will is sufficient to eliminate any attack while backfiring it to the initiator.

And therefore beware you who are denying My power….take heed and restrain your will from destruction, because you are struggling in vain. And you have to suffer the consequences, if you ignore the admonition, your body will have to pay the consequences for what your willpower is guilty of….For what is created through My will has to fulfill its destiny, and any human willpower must shatter against it powerless. In deed do not direct My Word towards earth so immature human can try themselves on it, wanting to gain recognition of their earthly powers….they are fighting against Myself and will therefore never gain victory, instead will be flattened through My power and My will, because I can not permit that humans are snitched of a mercy-gift, which My love and My wisdom has thought of as necessary to help mankind in greatest spiritual need.

Nia:wen:kowa, Konaronkwa:kowa, Skennon:kowa