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Our last will and testament Declaration:

Of all the words we write on Earth; Of all the things we say; It is our Will and Testament that stands as the most important instrument we publish. For whether we be known as a tyrant or a saint, a builder or a destroyer, by tradition it is our final words and wishes on this Earth that most believe to be genuine.

This is true in law. Our Will and Testament is a most serious and important instrument; it is the literal expression of our "free will". As such, it provides us a unique platform to state who we are, what we possess and what we wish to happen.

I am no slave. I was not born a slave, nor shall I ever act in a manner to consenting to be in servitude to some other person, entity or spirit. Nor am I greater than any other higher order life form known as a Homo Sapien Being. Nor have I coveted fame or fortune and to be "in the world". Thus, the following documents of title concerning our sovereign standing demonstrate exactly who and what I am.

Sovereign over our own mind, body and spirit

Executor of our own affairs of Estate

Ambassador for any matters pertaining to our Estate or Person